Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What You Want to See in the World - Make it So!

Pledge to the Laurel Bookstore expansion in the memory of Suzanne Corson and I'll make it worth your while in Captain of Industry.

If five people support the Laurel Bookstore expansion at the $50 level in Suzanne Corson's memory, I will name one of the lead characters in Captain of Industry after her.* If one person supports the expansion at the $250 level I'll find a way to immortalize something else in the story - the "captain's" business, a place, pet, the restaurant where you proposed to the love of your life - uniquely tailored to you. If more than one do this in Suzanne's memory, I will find a way to make you all feel very special within the pages of Captain of Industry.

So for once I didn't bury the lede! Laurel Bookstore, independent, woman and lesbian owned for 13 years, has gathered the SBA loan, community grants and the determination to relocate and GROW from a small store in a southern district of Oakland to prominent location in downtown Oakland.

This is what we all want to see in the world, isn't it? Go to the IndieGogo page and pledge.

So this is a challenge. It's not tax deductible. It's not #TrendingSexyViral. You don't have to pour water over your head - but if you want to do that in support of #GrowIndieBookstores and post it on YouTube, I will share that all over Facebook for you, yes I will.

It's creating a bigger space where books and talking about books and celebrating reading is a bright thread in downtown Oakland. And it's owned and run by women. I can't help but think that Suzanne would have been totally jazzed.

Go to the IndieGogo page and pledge.

*Of course I'm going to name the character after Suzanne anyway. Nevertheless, every time you see the book or the store, you'll know that you put glue on the building blocks too.

Suzanne Corson was one of the founders of Boadecia's Bookstore in Kensington/North Berkeley. It was a terrific community center, and where I first met many longtime friends and fellow bibliophiles. Suzanne fostered the writing confidence of clueless newbies and paralyzed veterans alike, and supported the right to read and love books of all kinds. She passed away suddenly earlier this month.

About Captain of Industry:

The world is at Jennifer Lamont's feet - right where she wants it. She has made breaking hearts a blood sport, and the cool, calculated use of other people's backs has led to the stardom she has craved from the first time she heard applause. Lust or fear is all she has ever wanted to see in the eyes of others. But a night of passion and the undisguised contempt in one particular pair of eyes has wounded her like never before.

Even bitches have back stories.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Litquake - Join Me in Palo Alto August 17!

It's a Bay Area tradition - LITQUAKE, where books rock the landscape. I'll be participating at Litquake Palo Alto on a panel moderated by Aaron Shurin about LGBT Redefining Mainstream during the afternoon sessions on Sunday August 17, along with Jason K. Friedman and Toby Bielawski.

The rest of the day includes:
  • Author “fireside” readings
  • Writing workshops
  • Salons on topics from emerging authors to memoirs and from LGBT writers to New Yorker cartoonists
  • A closing Keynote with Marcia Clark interview by Michelle Gagnon (nominal fee for this event only)
  • Famous Blues, Booze & Schmooze after party
 I hope to see familiar and new faces there!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Benefit for Homeless Youth - Pre-Order Books for GCLSCon

The short version: Want to be sure that I have the books you want at GCLS in Portland? Pre-order them now. Plus, a portion of the sales are going to support Portland homeless youth through Outside In, a local youth resources organization that helps over 9,000 people every month find food, jobs and hope.

All The Details

It's just a few more weeks to GCLSCon, my favorite reader event of the year (Golden Crown Literary Society 7/9-7/13/2014). Look for me at the Bella Books tables in the vendor area during the Meet and Greet on Wednesday evening, during breaks and certainly during the Author Autograph Session on Friday afternoon. I will sign body parts, your book collection, laptop - anything. Though, generally, it's helpful if the books are ones I've written because I've found the other writers get a little testy about it when I've already taken up the space on their title page. That KG MacGregor - no sense of humor, ask anyone. 

It's always a busy, fun event:
  • Wednesday afternoon I'm making a brief appearance at the Writer's Academy with Lee Lynch and faculty to share some insights into the writer's life and thoughts on issues facing new writers today.
  • Wednesday evening is the Meet and Greet. Please say hi! Get a hug, pick up your books if you've ordered them, have me sign books you've brought from home, enter the Bella drawings.
  • Thursday morning, I Wish I'd Written That! moderated by KG MacGregor. Katherine V. Forrest, Georgia Beers, Lori L. Lake and I will be talking about books we love and elements in them that we outright envy. 
  • Friday afternoon, Author Autograph Session. More hugs, perhaps you sense a theme...  
  • Saturday morning, Eat Your Heart Out, moderated by Lynn Ames. Food in our books is the subject. I have not a clue why they thought of me or Mary Griggs, Georgia Beers or RG Emmanuelle.
  • Saturday afternoon I get to introduce six new writers in the annual So I Had This Idea* panel: Heather Blackmore, Marie Castle, RG Emmanuelle, Sandra Moran, Cindy Rizzo and SY Thompson.
  • Saturday closing Clown Car Author Chat, what is sure to be a riot with moderator Mercedes Lewis, I'm joined by Erica Abbott, Salem West, Erica Lawson and Ann Roberts.
  • Saturday night - The Goldies! This year servicemembers and first responders will be in uniform as we celebrate the demise of DADT and the rise of visibility of our community heroes - it'll be a night to remember.
So as you can see, it's sort of a "try and get rid of me" situation.

Ordering the Books

The upside of writing a lot of books is that in all of these sessions I have plenty to talk about. Though it's possible the other writers might wonder if I'll ever shut up, and sometimes readers ask me about a book and I have no recollection whatsoever of that particular element. An undeniable downside is that there's no way I can bring a couple of copies of every book and leave room on the table for anyone else.

So I'm only bringing a few copies of my latest few, and books that are specifically pre-ordered for delivery at the Con. This is the time to stake your claim to the books you want, and I've added an incentive, as you'll also be helping a local Portland youth resource group at the same time.
For every order between now and the Con I'm donating a portion to  Outside In based on the order total.
$0 - $20 -  15%
$20 - $39 - 20%
$39+ - 30%
To access my shopping cart you can look at the full English bibliography and click "Add to Bag" for any book, or open the catalog to browse.  Check these other language lists for titles in those languages: Spanish, French and German.
Be sure when you check out to pick "Bring to GCLS in Portland!" as the shipping method so I know not to ship your books to your billing address! I'll bring the books to Portland and sign them for you when we meet. All you need to do is leave some room in your suitcase for the trip home.

Questions? Comment at the blog, on Facebook or Tweet me. 

Thank you for considering joining the support of the youth in Portland. Thank you also for reading this blog! As always, a "like" or "share" or "tweet" to spread the word is very much appreciated.

Don't need any books right now? Consider donating directly to Outside In. You made it and you know it gets better. Pay it forward. Not going to GCLS and want to order a book? Yes, I'll still give a portion of the proceeds as above to Outside In, until July 2, 2014.

*reg.us.pat.off. Dr. Pol Robinson